Conditions of Hire

Registered Charity Number: 305095
(Trustees’ Management Committee)


Making a Booking

  1. Enquiries and applications should be made to the Booking Secretary either via email – or telephone on 07751 333 812
  2. The Hall & Kitchen and the Committee Room may be hired separately
  3. The stage is available to any Hirer of the Hall at no extra charge except during scheduled stage productions
  4. Pyrford Village Hall building is a no-smoking area
  5. No intoxicating liquor may be sold on the premises except by a hirer holding an occasional licence
  6. Any Hirer wishing to use the premises for a public entertainment must inform the Committee of the nature of the entertainment no later than 28 days before the date of the event
  7. If a licence for such entertainment is not obtained from the relevant authorities (by the Hirer), such entertainment shall not take place. The Hirer shall comply with Local Authority and any other regulations and shall indemnify the Committee against any loss or damage suffered by reason of any failure to so comply
  8. Regular users must have a Safeguarding Policy in place
  9. Bookings are accepted on terms that the Committee and its members are not liable for any loss or damage to the property of the Hirers or other users of the premises or of their guests or for any accident to the person or property of the Hirer or guest
  10. The Committee reserves the right, without giving any reason, to refuse any application and to cancel any existing booking
  11. The times booked must include adequate time to set up and clear away.


  1. Regular Hall users are invoiced monthly in arrears and payment is due within 4 weeks of invoice receipt
  2. Occasional personal users are required to complete a booking form and must pay the full hiring fee, to the Bookings Secretary, at the time of booking.
  3. Additionally, occasional personal users are required to deposit a cheque for £100 dated for the date of the event This is a deposit against damage and would only be cashed if the Committee is not satisfied that the Hall has been left in good order or the property damaged in anyway (See Hall User Guide)
  4. Occasional commercial users may book the Hall and facilities on condition that any damage incurred is reimbursed on receipt of an invoice for the expenses incurred
  5. If any booking is cancelled less than 14 days before the date booked, the Hirer will remain liable for the full hire charge unless agreed by the Booking Secretary.

Hall User Guide:

  1. The hall does not have a landline or access to a nearby public phone therefore users should have access to a mobile phone in case of emergencies
  2. Users must be respectful of other hall users at all times
  3. Users can expect their session to be uninterrupted by either another user or member of the Pyrford Village Hall committee unless the interruption is as a result of an emergency or agreement has been previously confirmed
  4. Hirers of the Hall & Kitchen must provide access to the toilets for any booking running concurrently in the Committee room
  5. The stage curtains are operated by a pulley system on the Engliff Lane side of the stage, behind the door; they should never be opened by hand
  6. Pyrford Little Theatre scenery and props stored below and behind the stage are not the property of the Hall and should not be touched
  7. The tables and chairs that are provided for hall users are for use inside the building and should not be taken outside
  8. Cleaning materials are provided for hall users and are stored in the kitchen broom cupboard beside the back door
  9. Any music (whether live or recorded) must cease by 11.30pm.
  10. No smoke machines are allowed without the explicit permission of the Committee
  11. The use of balloons is not prohibited in the hall.
    However, any balloon that floats up into the roof space is at risk of damaging the fans.
    Therefore, if you wish to use balloons (filled with helium or air) please ensure these are weighted or attached securely to the hooks below the rafters.
  12. After any booking, users are requested to comply with the following check-list:-
    1. Leave the Hall swept and tidy; all spillages and breakages should be cleared up carefully
    2. Remove all rubbish from the Hall. The Woking Council bins outside the Kitchen are for the regular users only
    3. Return tables and chairs to the store room, using the trolley provided and without dragging them across the floor
    4. Turn out all lights and ensure that all other electrical and kitchen equipment is turned off
    5. Empty the kitchen kettles, if used during the event
    6. Check that all windows are closed
    7. Close and lock the door from the Hall into the Entrance Lobby on departure
    8. Leave all outside doors shut and locked on departure
    9. Report any breakages, leakage or damage to the Bookings’ Secretary as soon as possible
    10. Return keys to the booking secretary or agreed deputy within 24 hours. Failure to do so may lead to forfeiture of all, or part of the deposit.

If you experience a problem with the hall or any of the equipment during your booking please contact Tony Pratt on 01932 346043 or Penny Matthews on 07751 333 812